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Now we´ll be receivnig questions via ASK.FM o nly


Means Federación de Clubes ISSD Custom. (Custom ISSD Clubs Federation). This name is usedfor the ligues with ISSD hacked-version-made teams. This is the only International Superstar Soccer Deluxe Editor in the web.
FECIC gives the user the chance of creating his own ISSD ROMS editing players names, their characteristics, team colors and more.
There have been created many tools to edit the game, you can find them in the many different sections in this page.


Ask questions in ASK>FM!!  August 18th, 2015


August 3rd, 2014

We´ll done more updates in the spanish site and forgot to provide those updates here. We´ll be doing this today. Now please send your questions to our ask.fm

August 8th, 2011

    Since it has been really hard to develop tools to help you to edit images (flags and team names), I bring to you links in which you will find programs that Rom Hackers normally use for developing this kind of tasks. You could even help FECIC to develop tools if you find the positions of the flags and team names in the ROM. The links are in the section Editing Images (NEW)


April 10th, 2011
There is a new rom by Marcos Vinicius in the ROM SECTION

January 22nd, 2011
There are two new ROMS in the ROM section. One is made by Vanja Junuzovic and is the same rom but with the REAL NAMES. The second ROM is a FUTBOL BRASILEIRO 2010.

August 3rd, 2010
Now, there is a video tutorial about FECIC Names in the Tutorial Section. Soon there will be one for FECIC Colors and FECIC goalkeepers.

December 15th, 2009
A rom Created by one user is going to be uploaded in this page. It is the ISS1, so it was created using different hex programs and snespal.

December 6th, 2009
Wanna chat with the owner? cgersonsalas@hotmail.com

Now you have a chat room, look if there are some green faces, that means someone is online.

August 6th,2009

Possbile Projects:
    Now  we have two new possilbe projects.
1. An idea that can be interesting is to edit the flag's palette, it is a plan, in wouldn't be very new but it will customize more the game.
2. FECIC ISS1 Names, it can be a project soon, very similar to  FECIC names ISSD.

July 25th, 2009

Editing goalkeepers? now, it is possible!!!
    Here we have a tool to edit the goalkeepers in ISSD! Go to the new section, FECIC Goalkeepers, and get it. Make a comment if you download for we to know if people is interested in these programs greetings.

Gerson Salas

July 24th, 2009
FECIC COLORS, FULL and complete!
    The first full version of FECIC colors is ready. The ISSD palette editor. This full editor has the innovative option to edit the team's skin #1, also its hair and shoes.

Gerson Salas

July 20th, 2009
FECIC COLORS BETA, with all the teams, but not full.
    Although it is still being a BETA version, because it is missing some details in the image which shows the changes and some extra buttons, this versions is so-called full. This has all the teams, inlcuding the all stars teams, the training uniforms and the ones which the referees use. Read more from this in FECIC COLORS. But remember, wait for the version 1. no BETA, you could be surprised.

Gerson Salas

July 19th, 2009
Returning to work.

    We are back, and it is time to edit FECIC again. We had problems with the 6 missing teams. We had received its colors' directions, but they were some wrong and the program couldn't read them very well. Today, vacations are starting, I sat to investigate about this teams and I have finished. This gives the new taht the First Full version will be ready soon.

Gerson Salas

June 4th, 2009
    Due to several projects in which we are working, we will continue  with these projects in July

May 29th, 2009
FECIC colors BETA version
    By request of some of you, the incomplete version of FECIC COLORS is uploaded in the page for you to see how the project is being done. The current version has almost al the teams, it is only missing 6 Teams.

Gerson SAlas

May 25th, 2009
FECIC COLORS V.1 in the final phase
    The program, FECIC COLORS, is in his final phase due to the version BETA don't have 6 teams to be edited.
    Because of work and study stuff, it haven't been possible to advance with the project, so we have to be patient until it is done.

Gerson Salas

In Spanish:


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